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Visitation Policy

  • Mt. Carmel High School is a closed campus. Unexpected visitors (including Alumni) will not be permitted on campus during school hours. Visitors to classrooms must be expected by both the office and teacher before arrival.
  • Visitors must be prepared to show their photo ID and current COVID-19 vaccination card upon check-in.
  • Students are not permitted to bring visitors on campus. Visitor passes will not be issued.
  • Parents and guardians wishing to see a student during regular school hours must check in with the office.
  • Non-emergency interruption of class is not permitted.
  • Parents entering to see and/or sign a student out of class must be prepared to present proper identification.
  1. In order to ensure campus security and protection to students, strict enforcement of policy regarding the  presence of non-students on campus is enforced.
  2. The presence of any non-student on campus during regular school hours (8:35am - 3:45pm M,T,TH,F and 9:55am-3:45pm W) is subject to arrest for trespassing under Penal Code Section 626.8: Any person who comes into any school building or upon any school ground, or street, sidewalk or public way adjacent thereto without lawful business thereon, and whose presence or acts interfere with the peaceful conduct of the activities of such school or disrupt the school or its pupils or school activities, and who remains there, or who re-enters, or comes upon such place within hours after being asked to leave by the ... school official … is guilty of misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of not exceeding $500 and/or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months.
  3. Only students registered and attending Mt. Carmel High School may be on campus during school hours. Students who have been assigned to home suspension are considered non-students during the term of their suspension, and their presence on campus or at any school-sponsored event makes them subject to Penal Code Section 626.8.
  4. Parents and guardians wishing to see a student during regular hours must check into the office. Interruption of classes is not permitted.
  5. Parents entering to see and/or sign a student out of class must be prepared to present proper picture identification.
  6. Students may not be released to any person other than the parent or guardian without their parent’s/guardian’s authorization.

Alumni Visitation Policy

First, welcome home! We love seeing alumni and hearing about new adventures. However, please remember that from 8:35am-3:45pm on M, T, Th, F and from 9:55am-3:45pm on W, teachers are teaching, students are learning, and MC is a closed campus. In order for an alumni to visit a teacher during school hours you must contact the teacher at least 24 hours before the day of your visit. The teacher must then notify the receptionist of the date and beginning and end times of your visit. The receptionist must know of your intended visit in order for a visitors pass to be issued. Visitor passes are required to be on campus during school hours (8:35am-3:45pm M,T,TH,F and 9:55am-3:45pm W). The pass allows you to go to that teacher’s class only, you may not roam campus, especially during lunch. If you have not made prior arrangements before you arrive we will not interrupt the teacher by calling or emailing the teacher you wish to visit. Teachers are not available for drop in or surprise visits. Your former teachers love to hear from you and we will be happy to help you with a teacher’s e-mail address so you may arrange a visit for another time. Thank you for helping us to keep the focus on learning.
Teacher contact information is available on the MCHS web page.