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Parking Information for Students

Information for Students

Contact the Campus Safety Office at 858-484-1180 x3123 with questions.
Student Parking Application - Students interested in parking in the parking lot, will need to complete the Student Parking Application and submit the application to Campus Safety in the front office.  All cars must have a valid 2022-2023 parking sticker on the car or the car will be ticketed.
 The picture below shows the flow of traffic before school: 



Student Parking Policies and Procedures:  

Parking on the Mt. Carmel campus is a privilege and will be revoked if the student fails to comply with the following policies and procedures -
  1. Students on Tier 2 are ineligible for parking privileges.  If a student with parking privileges gets on Tier 2 (due to attendance, grades, or discipline) their parking privileges will be revoked.  If students come off Tier 2, they must inform Ms. Adelman in the Campus Safety office before you park in the parking lot.­­­
  2. Administration reserves the right to revoke parking privileges as a discipline response to any inappropriate behavior.
  3. Students on Tier 1 are eligible for parking passes.
  4. STUDENTS MAY PARK IN DESIGNATED STUDENT PARKING AREAS ONLY (white stripes).  Students parking in any area other than Student Parking will be subject to a City of San Diego Parking Ticket. Fines are paid directly to the City of San Diego.  The current cost of a parking ticket is $47.50.
  5. The parking sticker must be placed on the front window, lower left hand corner (driver’s side).  Stickers not fully affixed will not be valid and the car will be ticketed.
  6. Reckless driving will result in the loss of parking privileges.
  7. If a student is driving a different car for one day only, they must have a one-day parking pass.  To obtain a one-day pass the student should come into the Administration office and request a one-day pass from Ms. Adelman in the Campus Safety office before 7:30am.
  8. Citations are issued on vehicles without a valid parking sticker, vehicles with the parking sticker not fully affixed, student vehicles parking in any area other than the student parking area, vehicles parking in red zones, fire lanes, auto shop, behind the school, and various other parking violations.  Cars must be parked in a legitimate, lined parking space.   Since our parking lanes are one-way only, you may not park against the flow of traffic (back into a space or pull through to an empty space in front of you).
  9. Possession of a parking sticker does not guarantee there will be a parking spot available in the student parking section. 
  10. PUSD is not responsible for the theft of or damage to belongings or vehicles parked in the student parking lot.
  11. Misuse of parking privileges, violation of parking regulations, or failure to meet established qualifications may result in revocation of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.