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Welcome to the Mt. Carmel Band, Orchestra and Color Guard program!
This nationally recognized program has demonstrated consistent musical excellence throughout its 35+ year history. Mt. Carmel Instrumental Music Department is considered one of the top programs in all of Southern California.
Many of the top academic students at
Mt. Carmel participate in our music program
and consider it a highlight of their high school experience. These are the nicest and best students at Mt. Carmel and the type of students you will want your student to be around and
make friends with. Visit for more information.


The choral program at Mt. Carmel High School includes the auditioned groups, Classical Vocal Ensemble and Bel Canto, as well as two other non-auditioned groups Concert Choirs. Their reputation for excellence includes performances at Carnegie Hall, the California ACDA convention, the Golden State Festival at UCLA, the Holiday Bowl in San Diego and Disneyland's Candlelight Procession and Ceremony. In 2003, the music department was recognized by the Grammy Foundation as the number three program in the United States, followed by another Grammy in 2005 and 2008. Both Classical Ensemble and Bel Canto have traveled the United States extensively receiving superior ratings at CMEA, ACDA, and SCVA festivals. Visit for more information. Check our Phoyostream on Flickr

Dance Props

What is Color Guard/Tall Flags Dance Props?  Modern color guard uses flags, sabres, mock rifles and other equipment combined with choreographed dance,  interpretive movement and gymnastics while performing routines set to music.  During the fall, members of the Color Guard team perform and compete along with the MC Marching Band at football games, field show tournaments and parades.  The guard provides visual interest and “color” to the  guard
danceWhat is Winter Guard/Dance Props ? After marching season concludes, the Winter Guard team performs throughout San Diego and Southern CA in Guard only competitions. Winter Guard is conducted indoors, usually in a gym or indoor arena. Choreographed routines are performed to music. Each season, the highest ranking teams move on to nationals in Ohio. WGI rules for Winter Guard. WGASC Winter Guard Association Of Southern California Students interested in joining the Mt. Carmel Color Guard team should contact Band Director Garry McPherson at [email protected] or Advisor Brent Dunlap [email protected] Participation in Guard will earn you P.E. credit first trimester. Visit for more information.

Drama - Theater at the Mount

The Mt. Carmel High School Drama Club is comprised of Mt. Carmel Sundevil students who have a passion for the theater and are looking for exciting opportunities and experiences to sharpen their skills and abilities in theater work. We are delighted that you have stopped by and we encourage you to tour our website, buy show tickets and support theater arts here at Mt. Carmel! Visit for more information.


Mt. Carmel offers two Jazz Bands – Jazz A and Jazz B. Auditions for Jazz A happen within the Musicfirst month of school when all the chaos of the new school year has died down. Jazz B is open to everyone.
The Jazz program operates in limited fashion during marching season (the Fall) with once-per-week rehearsals. There is an informal Holiday Jazz concert in December.
When marching season ends the Jazz program ramps up. Jazz A & B rehearse twice a week in the mornings before school with an occasional Wednesday night rehearsal leading up to Festivals.
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Orchestra at Mt. Carmel is made up of over 50 string musicians and auditioned select woodwinds, brass and percussionist. Only string players should enroll in Orchestra class all three trimesters and the class meets period 4 during the day. The first trimester for string players is focused on Orchestra perfecting the individual’s musician skills and reinforcement of ensemble listening skills. We then work toward trimester two and three which primarily focuses on
orchetathe Orchestral repertoire. String musicians will receive section coaching on their instrument weekly to help them with individual technique and specialized instruction by a professional musician. This additional instruction is one of the many reasons Mt. Carmel’s orchestra is regarded as one of the finest high school orchestras in the San Diego area.
The full orchestra meets Tuesday evenings during trimesters 2 and 3 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in the music building. This is where the full ensemble will work on putting all parts together on their major works for festivals and concerts.
The orchestra performs several concerts throughout the year, performs at two adjudicated festivals and their end of the year Pops Concert. Many of our top string players will also be given the opportunity to perform in some of the school’s advanced ensembles and the musical during the Spring. Visit for more information.