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Welcome to Mt. Carmel High School

Student Outcomes

Academic Proficiency: Students demonstrate academic proficiency as measured by local, state and national standards.

Persistent Effort: Students are persistent in their efforts to reach their academic potential Options: Students are college-ready and prepared for a variety of post-secondary options.

Ethical and Timely: Students make good choices that are ethical and have a sense of timeliness in their planning and daily conduct.

School Commitments

Mt. Carmel has agreed to the following commitments in order to promote our mission and realize our student outcomes:
  1. Mt. Carmel will continually examine our instructional practice.
  2. Mt. Carmel will continually examine our assessment system and our feedback to students.
  3. Mt. Carmel will continually examine intervention philosophy and implementation, in the classroom and school-wide.
  4. Mt. Carmel will link students to post-secondary options by providing relevant and meaningful curriculum and guidance.
  5. Mt. Carmel will promote a positive school climate and culture for the students, staff and community.