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How do I check
my student out of
school early?
Attendance Hot Line:
Attendance office
To ensure your student will be ready to be picked up at your designated time, please leave a detailed message on the Attendance Hotline the day prior to the early check out. If that is not possible please call or go to the Attendance office to check your student out. Please note: it may take a significant amount of time to check your student out if the message comes the same day.
How do I enroll
my student?
How to Enroll
page on the
Please refer to the web page for the enrollment forms.
If your student is already enrolled and is continuing next school year, the enrollment paperwork will be sent home towards the end of the school year.
Where do I pick
up my students confiscated
Campus Safety office (located in the Administration building) The Campus Safety office will hold all cell phones confiscated in class. Office hours are school days 7am-3:30pm. Please contact Ms. Adelman if you have questions: 858-484-1180 x3123
My student is at school and feels ill,
how do I check
them out?
Health Office
(858) 484-1180 x3173
All students who are ill or injured must be checked out through the Health office. If your student contacts you and requests to leave campus due to illness or injury, please contact Ms. Geier in the Health office.
I need to talk to my students’ counselor, what is the best way to contact them? Counseling Homepage The best way to communicate with your students’ counselor is to contact them directly via email or voice mail and set up an appointment. All contact information can be found on the Counseling home page. The counselors will respond to all messages within 48 hours. The counselors are not typically available for drop in visits.
How do I check my students grades? MyPLAN Through MyPLAN you have access to your students current grades, grade history, teachers emails, their current courses by period and much more.
How do I contact my students teacher? MyPLAN or
Teacher contact list on website
Your students’ teachers are listed on MyPLAN along with their email addresses. If you prefer to speak with a teacher, you may leave a voicemail during school hours. MCHS is a closed campus, teachers are not available for drop in visits during school hours.