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Commencement Ceremony
Thursday June 6, 2024
5:45pm PDT
Sundevil Stadium
Live Graduation Ceremony Link 
MCHS YouTube channel for all live school broadcasts
MC Senior Week Cap & Gown Discount Period EXTENDED through Sept 29, 2023
Since so many people were ordering Cap &Gown packages during the discount period, the MCHS Jostens representative is extending the discount period through September 29, 2023. Please place your order online at, or contact the Jostens Service Center at 858-486-2020 to order over the phone, before the end of the business day this Friday, September 29. Questions, call Jostens at 858-486-2020 or email our Jostens rep directly at [email protected] , and Mark thanks all of you who placed your order during the discount period September 19-22. Please see the Discount Flyer above.
Information from Sept. 19th Senior Faire
  • Presentation for 1st-time parents of Seniors at 6pm from MCHS Counseling & Administration
  • One-stop Shop for all Senior Year information and ordering!
  • Jostens will be on site with product displays and opportunities to get all ordering done in one night (including announcements and class rings)
  • Take advantage of Jostens $35 Cap & Gown package special discount pricing good only September 19-22, 2023
  • Grad Night Tickets for $100 until December 15, 2023 (price increases throughout the year)
  • Yearbooks sold on site for $75 (price increases throughout the year)
  • Arrange your Senior Ad in Yearbook
  • Submit Senior baby pictures for special Senior feature spread in the Yearbook

Senior Yearbook Portraits - There is a deadline

The official Senior Portrait photography studio for the MCHS yearbook is Keane Studios Photography. Submissions of photos from other photographers or studios will not be accepted and will not appear in the MCHS Horizon yearbook. PUSD is under contract with Keane for all of the high school Senior portraits at all high schools. If you have not already done so, please schedule your Senior yearbook portrait session now. Seniors must have portraits taken by December 1, 2023, to be included in the 2023-24 MC Horizon yearbook. 
Session costs range from $29-$69 depending on the number of pose options chosen.  After your photo session, you will review the pictures and then let Keane know your picture choice for the yearbook.  Keane will then send the MCHS Yearbook staff the chosen pose to put in the yearbook.  Purchasing a picture package is another cost after the session fee. See the Keane website for Senior Portrait picture package price ranges.
Free Sitting
You do not have to purchase a portrait package to have your Senior session or to have your portrait in the yearbook. Keane Studios will offer a one-time, no-cost, on-campus session on Thursday, October 26, 2023, during the school day for any Senior who does not want to do a sitting at Keane Studios.  There is no other free sitting option before the December deadline. Yearbook staff will send notices and passes to Seniors who have not yet completed their portraits through Keane Studios.  The session will last approximately 2 minutes and students will return to class. This will be a traditional headshot shoulders up with no choice of pose like the examples on this page. 
Contact Yearbook Advisor Robin Falcone [email protected] if you have questions.
How to Make an Appointment
For more information, a full price guide, clothing suggestions, or to book your session, 
contact Keane Studios directly at (858)259-1900 or visit If you elected to receive direct communication from MCHS vendors, you received information directly from Keane Studios in May 2023.

Keane Studios
Rancho Bernardo Courtyard
16935 W. Bernardo Drive, Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92127 
Mt. Carmel Graduation Gear by Jostens
Diploma Cover
Mt. Carmel provides the diploma cover for each graduate and it is given to the Grad on the stage during the ceremony. 
Cap & Gown packages
There are several Cap & Gown packages to choose from through Jostens. The basic Cap & Gown package includes your choice of tassel as well as the school medallion.  Families can arrange to borrow caps & gowns, through Jostens, at no cost or use sets from previous Mt. Carmel commencement ceremonies provided by an older sibling or friend. Please note that borrowed cap & gown does NOT include the tassel. You may purchase the tassel separately through Jostens.  Jostens online ordering ends in mid-April 2024, but MCHS recommends ordering early as their price increases throughout the year.
Borrowing a Cap & Gown from Jostens (FREE)
If you need to borrow a cap & gown from Jostens for the MCHS commencement ceremony, email the MCHS Jostens Representative Mark Boyer at [email protected]. Please include your full name, school, height, weight and gender so that the gown fits well. The deadline to put in a borrow request with Jostens is April 26, 2024.
Purchasing a Cap & Gown set online
Use the link HERE to purchase the Jostens Cap & Gown unit.  This unit includes the tassel in school colors with the graduation year as well as the school medallion that grads can turn into a keychain afterwards.
How does my student receive the cap & gown set?
All cap & gown packages from Jostens are delivered to MCHS in May by the local Jostens reps, and the school staff distributes them to students as part of Senior Activities Week in June during the school day.  The cap & gown units comes as a package with all four items including the mortar board cap, the gown, tassel and the school medallion. Each graduate's name will be on the package since the gowns are customized match student height and weight needs.

Jostens also offers a variety of items to commemorate the Senior year, and inform friends and family of your graduation date and time.  Please order your announcements by December 31, 2023, to ensure a timely delivery.
Need Help?
The Jostens showroom is located near MCHS and they have regular business hours if you would like to see their products in person and speak to Mark or his employees in person. Contact Jennifer Adelman at MCHS if you need assistance with ordering or borrowing a cap & gown set. Email [email protected] or call 858-484-1180 x3123.

Jostens Poway Showroom
12455 Poway Rd., Suite E
Poway, CA 92064
Open T-W-Th 3-6pm
Make an appointment for varsity jacket fitting session

MCHS PTSA Hosted Grad Night

For Grad Night information, please click HERE.

Information for Parents of Seniors who are turning 18 before June 6, 2024

When your student attains adult status at the age of 18 on his/her birthday, he/she is granted by law the right to sign all legal documents related to his/her education and to represent himself/herself in all educational matters. This includes school disciplinary matters, and participating in any serious legal processes such as IEPs or expulsions from school and excusing the student’s absences from school for the five allowable reasons to miss.
This also means that your student will be the sole person in your household receiving phone and email information from the school and school district as the adult contact. Important informational school communications will no longer go directly to parents/guardians.  If you and your 18-year-old would like to waive the 18 year-old rights and assign the parent/guardian decision-making authority, the waiver for doing so is listed on our 18-year-old rights page for printing and signature.Please read more detailed information about 18-year-old rights, rules and procedures and the waiver on our webpage: 18 Year-Old Rights
This signed waiver form should be turned in to the MCHS Administration building to either Nancy Hall, in the Front Office, or Mayra Lizarraga, in the Attendance Office. 
Administration Building Office Hours
(when school is in session)

Mt. Carmel Counseling Office Resources for Senior

Mt. Carmel Counselors have developed a College Search resource page that has tips and resources for how to make a plan for education after high school. This tool is specifically for Juniors to do the research and planning to assist with big decisions that start in September of the Senior year.
Examples of questions this page will help students answer:
1) How do I decide which post-high school education is best for me?
2) What is important to me in a college/university/vocational school/community college experience?
3) How do I choose a major/career area? How do I start my college/school research? 
Class of 2022 Information
 GRADUATION CEREMONY PHOTOGRAPHS Class of 2022 - Graduation Live Stream Link
Class of 2021 Information

 Class of 2020 Information
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